Google recently unveiled a new featured in the SERPs that allows users to manually submit any URL to their index. Simply Google “Submit URL”, and you will see something like below: Unlike XML Sitemaps within Google Search Console (which only indexes URLs on owners’ sites), this feature allows for a way to legitimately get 3rd [...]

You might have heard the term “301” before and wondered what it meant, or perhaps you know you need to redirect some pages on your site but are unsure of how to proceed, or how it might affect your SEO. If so, this short guide should help you.  In it we’ll discuss exactly what a [...]

The new Disavow File Audit Mode is a new mode for running Link Detox. This is a way how you can audit your disavow file to find links that were previously bad and are now good. We decided that this was such a significant upgrade to Link Research Tools we decided to launch a new [...]


Indexicon are delighted to be working with Flowercard – a site where you can buy flowers in a card. Flowercard is run by the same people who do Sealed With A Loving Kiss that we mentioned yesterday. Flowercard have a great presence in offline media and regularly feature in top quality magazines and publications. Above [...]

Sent With A Loving Kiss

The website (or SWALK as it get abbreviated to) is the latest web site from Graham Winn and Co from Flowercard. At the moment the company relies on quite a lot of offline media to get the sales. They are certainly hitting the right places such as Marie Claire magazine, but the aim now [...]

Today sent out this email to their list. I am rather happy about this. Here it is: In January 2014, Vivint’s search visibility plummeted. Was it a common penalty or something sinister? Our SEO expert reveals the truth of this controversy. Enjoy our latest case study about Vivint  Our Certified LRT Xpert Rick Lomas did [...]

Does this loss of traffic look familiar? The site in this example has been hit by Google Penguin 2.0 in May 2013 and then got hit again by Google Penguin 2.1 in October 2013. It lost a massive amount of traffic in May, but by the time Penguin 2.1 came along it had lost pretty [...]

Getting a Google Penguin Penalty removed is not an easy thing to do, but this is what we can do… Do a full back link analysis and provide a report of toxic, suspicious and healthy links. Create a Disavow file for you to upload. Write a reconsideration request using a template that is known to [...]

Here are some questions that needed answering after the Link Detox Genesis webinar last week. I have put them here mainly for my own reference, but they may be useful for anyone considering doing their own Link Detox. Q: What website should I run a Link Detox report on e.g. or A: If [...]