Flowercard Ad in The Radio Times

Flowercard Ad in The Radio Times

Indexicon are delighted to be working with Flowercard – a site where you can buy flowers in a card. Flowercard is run by the same people who do Sealed With A Loving Kiss that we mentioned yesterday.

Flowercard have a great presence in offline media and regularly feature in top quality magazines and publications. Above you can see this week’s Radio Times with a full page colour advertisement for Flowercard.

Flowercard is very succesful, but with a site that is in ‘the money spot’, the inbound link profile needs to be looked at very carefully. Fortunately Flowercard have not done any low quality link building and are mainly in a advantageous position by gaining powerful links by their position in the market. However when there a lot of affiliate links and voucher codes, problems can arise. The first step with this job was to prepare a good disavow file, get it uploaded and then  run Link Detox Boost to get Google to crawl the links in the disavow file. This worked fine and as Google Penguin 3.0 sailed happily through, completely unaffected. Some search terms even improved as Penguin struck, which shows that we were doing the right thing.

The aim with Flowercard is to try and improve its organic traffic so that less can be spent on PPC, offline media and call center fees. We are looking forward to a long and successful relationship with Flowercard.

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