Disavow File Audit Mode

The new Disavow File Audit Mode is a new mode for running Link Detox. This is a way how you can audit your disavow file to find links that were previously bad and are now good. We decided that this was such a significant upgrade to Link Research Tools we decided to launch a new site – UnDisavow at the moment the word undisavow doesn’t seem to be in the Google ‘dictionary’. Google is saying “Did you mean ‘Disavow’?”, no we didn’t, we meant undisavow! Christoph C Cemper made a video a few days before the launch, this explains it a bit more. The video is now removed from YouTube, however, here is a transcript of the video:

This video explains to you what it is that disavow file audit mode is good for. Imagine you are the new SEO in the company: awesome welcome to the team. The problem is the guy before you was saying “better disavow all the links right away so we get the penalty gone” and he was the hero for those that were not in the know.

Well don’t panic that’s what we built the Disavow File Audit mode for. You upload the existing disavow file and we calculate all the risks for all the links and you will immediately see that some of those links are really low risk or no risk at all. You want to undisavow those hidden gems that can power your website again. You can be the hero.

Why would an undisavow be necessary even if you were involved with the disavow process?

Well the site before you disavowed it probably had a penalty. Now, when a site that you have a link from has successfully recovered or pages are indexed again maybe that is a good link again, or the site was listed as dangerous with a possible malware or virus. The webmaster cleaned it up so that’s no reason to keep it disavowed then. The web changes, people cleanup stuff; or the site had no external links and looks fishy and developed a huge authority by now well you want that link; or the site was just listed as suspicious it might have had thousands of active links from a negative SEO attack, now the site is safe again after removing those spammy back links you want that link; or the site had a massive number of outgoing links but is now often under control and that has a new owner so that looks like a nice site you want to link from; or the site and the domain was part of a huge link network but the meanwhile was purchased from a new owner that cleaned it up and move it to a new server and cut all connections to the link network. Well as you can see the Disavow File Audit mode helps you find those hidden gems, and we wish you good luck finding them to undisavow and boost your rankings increase your traffic by getting those good links that were accidentally disavowed or things just changed for those links.

Have a great day bye-bye.

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