Link Research Tools

Link Research Tools is a suite of tools developed by in Vienna, Austria. Here at Indexicon we use all the Link Research Tools to achieve quality link building, link acquisition and link health monitoring.

The new Disavow File Audit Mode is a new mode for running Link Detox. This is a way how you can audit your disavow file to find links that were previously bad and are now good. We decided that this was such a significant upgrade to Link Research Tools we decided to launch a new [...]

Quick Backlinks Tool The QBL gives fast information about any website and its backlinks. Example use: If somebody offers you a link on their website you can quickly (less than 60 seconds) decide if it is going to be worthwhile or not If you find an expired domain that is for sale, you can quickly [...]

Today sent out this email to their list. I am rather happy about this. Here it is: In January 2014, Vivint’s search visibility plummeted. Was it a common penalty or something sinister? Our SEO expert reveals the truth of this controversy. Enjoy our latest case study about Vivint  Our Certified LRT Xpert Rick Lomas did [...]

Last Friday I was lucky enough to be one of the Link Research Tools Certfied Professionals at their event in Vienna, Austria. The full line up of individuals there were: Tibor Blaho, Guntram Bechtold, Bartosz Góralewicz, myself (Rick Lomas), Sigrid Holzner, Lorant Görgey, Christiaan Bollen, Christoph C Cemper, Florentino Candillo, Harald Tschuggnall, Derek Devlin, Arda [...]