Link Detox and Disavow (LDD)

Link Detox and Disavow is for algorithmic Google Penguin Penalties. If you have a manual spam action, then you will need to use the Link Detox, Disavow and Reconsideration Request service.

Link Detox and Disavow LDDThis is a one time service for sites that have a suspected Google Penguin Penalty. Even if your site’s traffic has only dropped a small amount it is still worth checking out its link profile with Link Detox. Even sites that are currently ranking well in Google will benefit from this service. If you have a large amount of bad links pointing to your site or something looks unnatural, your site will be at the mercy of the next Google Penguin update. We will create a disavow file for you to upload into Google Webmaster Tools and 48 hours later we will run Link Detox Boost to force the Googlebot to recrawl these links. At this point your site will be safe from Google Penalties.
Here’s what we do:

  • We combine as many link sources as possible to give us a complete picture of your link profile
  • We use your current disavow file (if you have one) to see what work has been done already and take those disavowed links into account when peforming the Link Detox
  • We run the Link Detox software
  • We classify all your anchor text into brand, compound, money and other classifications
  • We go through each and every link that has a high DetoxRisk and rate it good or bad
  • We decide if we should choose to disavow the bad links by domain or URL
  • We reprocess the report
  • We then produce a disavow file which is uploaded into Google Webmaster Tools
  • 48 hours later we run Link Detox Boost to speed up how quickly Google crawls those links
  • A full report is delivered to you with advice for the future.
This is for sites with up to 10,000 backlinks. If you suspect that you have more backlinks than this please request a Backlink Profile report first.

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