Rick Lomas

Rick Lomas

Indexicon is a company dedicated to helping you improve the visibility of your business online and offline. Indexicon is owned by Rick Lomas who has been making web sites since 1997 and has lived through – and survived – every update and tweak that Google has ever thrown at us. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has changed massively since the late 90s and Rick has kept up to date with everything. Until April 2012 SEO was mainly just a matter of building as many back links to your site as possible, but in 2012 Google introduced the update most feared by webmasters across The World – Google Penguin.

Google Penguin has been through a few updates since April 2012 and it has meant that thousands of websites have been heavily punished because of their poor and unnatural back link profiles. Businesses have been lost and Penguin has been ruthless to say the least. In 2014 we have seen examples of large brands such as the Halifax Bank, William Hill and Hugo Boss get hit by Google Penguin penalties. Whilst prevention is always better (and faster) than cure, sometimes it is just too late.

Here at Indexicon we can help with all aspects of checking the health of your back links, finding new link opportunities and monitoring of new back links. We offer a guaranteed Google Penalty Recovery Service for sites with a Google Manual Action showing in Google Webmaster Search Console. We have never failed to remove a manual action, but just in case you are worried that your site is unfixable… if we can’t fix it we will keep on working on it until it is fixed.