Link Detox, Disavow and Reconsideration Request with Webmaster Outreach (LDDRRO)

This is the same as the  Link Detox, Disavow and Reconsideration Request (LDDRR) service, but we go one huge step further by looking through each site that links to you, the who is and registrar records to find contact details for the webmaster. We then contact them directly about link removals.

Although sometimes it is possible to get a manual penalty revoked without a webmaster outreach campaign, in many cases it is not possible. This is the ultimate manual penalty removal service and the only one that we offer a money back guarantee on if we are unable to remove your manual penalty (terms and conditions apply). Features:

  • All the steps of the LDDRR service are included
  • All contactable webmasters are personally emailed with a link removal request
  • If there is a positive response we will arrange link removal, but will contest extortionate removal fees
  • If there is no response we email them 1 week later with a second, more serious request
  • If there is no response from the second email we will send a third and final demand
  • All email correspondence is logged and used as evidence for the Reconsideration Request

As you can appreciate there is a lot of work involved in this service, which is reflected in the cost. However,  if you have a manual penalty that you cannot shift – this is may be your only choice. Please contact us today and get your site cleaned up and your penalty revoked.