How we can help get your penalty removed

Getting a Google Penguin Penalty removed is not an easy thing to do, but this is what we can do…

  1. Do a full back link analysis and provide a report of toxic, suspicious and healthy links.
  2. Create a Disavow file for you to upload.
  3. Write a reconsideration request using a template that is known to have worked. (Only necessary for manual penalties)

The reconsideration request will include links to a file of links that have already been dropped (this is very good as it shows that you have made a really good effort in removing links manually).

If you get an answer back from Google saying that your reconsideration was unsuccessful, we can repeat these steps again.

It usually takes somewhere between 10 days and 1 month for Google to reply to reconsideration request.

FYI to get rid of a manual penalty you need to rid of every single toxic link, so far Link Research Tools Link Detox Genesis is the only tool we have found that can do this.

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