Link Audit

Link AuditIn almost every case we look at where a site needs more traffic or has lost some (or a lot!) of traffic, the best place to start is with a Link Audit. To do this we run a full Link Detox on your site, classify all your anchor text into brand, compound, money and other keyphrases and reprocess the report. At this point we can tell you straightaway, how many bad, suspicious and good links you have and we always can tell at this point if the site is likely to recover or not if the penalty is removed.

If you decide to go ahead with cleaning up your site using one of our Link Detox Services then the cost of the Link Audit is 100% refunded against the cost of the Link Detox Service.

For sites without a penalty…

Even if your site has excellent traffic and no loss of rankings, it is still worth getting a Link Audit, because you may be in a risky situation where you are about to get penalised and lose all your traffic. Remember the cost of the Link Audit is completely refundable if you decide to use one of our maintenance services such as the Link Detox Maintenance or Link Detox Maintenance with Link Building.

If you have a Google Algorithmic Penalty

If you want to go ahead and try and recover your site we can produce a disavow file for you at no extra cost.

If you have a Google Manual Penalty

In the case of a Google Manual Penalty there is a lot more work to do, and we suggest that you upgrade to the Link Detox and Disavow with Webmaster Outreach service to guarantee getting your manual penalty removed. If however you would like to try and do this yourself we can provide you with:

  • a disavow file
  • a list of dropped links – as evidence for Google of some links that have been removed
  • a list of emails of webmasters to contact about link removal
  • a Reconsideration Request template that has been known to work

The above is provided with no additional cost.