Link Detox Maintenance (LDM)

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This is for healthy sites that are already ranking well and just need to stay that way. Link Detox Maintenance has two parts to it. A Link Alert is set up to inform both us and you that new links to your website have been found. If you don’t want to ever see your site fall in rankings, this is the service for you.

In this service we run the Link Detox and check all your inbound links. If anything highly problematic is seen it can be dealt with straightaway otherwise it will be added to a list to be dealt with at the end of the month. At the end of the month a full Link Detox will be performed and we will deal with any problematic links. We will advise you about links that are going to be problematic. If you cannot remove them yourself they will be added to the disavow file. This is not a link building service and we do not compare your site with the competition. Although your site may rise in rankings as bad links are removed, this is not a link building service. If you require link building please order the Link Detox Maintenance with Link Building service (LDMLB). This is a monthly service with a 3 month minimum period.

This is what happens:

  • At the beginning of the job a Link Alert is set up to monitor for new incoming links and an initial Link Detox is performed to clear up any bad links.
  • Each month we will perform a Link Detox to check that your site doesn’t have any bad links pointing to it;
    • If we find any links that we don’t want we will either get them removed, changed or disavow them.

Get a Link Audit | Pricing