Link Detox Maintenance with Link Building (LDMLB)

This is the same as the LDM package, but we will use information about your competitors links to find new link building opportunities. At least 5 high quality links will be added each month which will be evaluated the following month when the Link Detox is performed. For any serious business this is an essential package to keep them safe from any Google penalties, whilst continually improving their search visability.

This is a service for for healthy sites that are already ranking for some keywords, but there is still plenty of room for improvement. There is considerable advantage over any standard ‘SEO Package’ you might see advertised elsewhere in that the intention is to both gain extra links, but to continuously evaluate these against your existing links. By carefully monitoring your link profile we are able to keep your site ranking well and safe from any penalties.

One of the first things we will do is set up a Link Alert for your site.  A Link Alert is set up to inform both us and you that new links to your website have been found. If anything highly problematic is seen it can be dealt with straightaway otherwise it will be added to a list to be dealt with at the end of the month. At the end of the month a full Link Detox will be performed. This is a monthly service with a 3 month minimum period.

This is what happens:

  • At the beginning of the job a Link Alert is set up to monitor for new incoming links and an initial Link Detox is performed to clear up any bad links.
  • Each month we will perform a Link Detox to check that your site doesn’t have any bad links pointing to it;
    • If we find any links that we don’t want we will either get them removed, changed or disavow them.
    • If we find any mentions of your site without a link we will try to contact the site owner and get the mention changed to a link, assuming it is on a good site.
    • If we find new healthy links we will see if we can improve them or get similar ones
  • Each month we will compare your site with 5 to 10 competitor sites using the Competitive Link Detox Tool and use this information to help us find new links to go after;
    • We will examine the strongest and most healthy links of your competitors and see if we can get a link there too
    • We will look at the LinkDetoxRisk of the Top3 and Top 5 competitors and make sure that your site has a similar link profile
    • We will use this information to see if we can go after more healthy links to help you rank higher
  • Each month we guarantee to attract at least 5 really healthy links to your website.
  • We will also advise about On Page SEO improvements that could be made to your site.
Please Note: The intention with this service is to attract strong and healthy links naturally without violating Google Webmaster Guidelines. This is NOT the kind of SEO Package that was popular up until 2012 (and still gets sold today!) where hundreds of links are built with automation and spun content. That kind of SEO is now well and truly dead and if anybody tells you otherwise be very wary.