Rick Lomas

The Unnatural Links Warning in Google Webmaster Tools Have you received a warning like this from Google in your Google Webmaster Tools? I know, it’s not nice, it happened to me too and it cut my income by 80% overnight. April 2012 was the worst month ever for me. However I can help, I cannot [...]

What is Google Penguin? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6UFHCw4Q_FQ I had this message from a very good friend of mine in the UK, This was our conversation, it may be useful to some people. I think what was happening here was that the site had been hit by the Google Penguin slap. This was the worst update ever by [...]

I had this email from one of my best clients who has two main interests: one is a highly polished very professional showband that he plays bass in, the other is to do with World War One battlefields. The site we are talking about here is not his main money site, but it is a [...]

I’ve noticed a massive trend in the countries of France and Spain for putting tons of hyphens in their domain names. For example a quick search for ‘assurance habitation le moins cher’ comes up with ‘direct-assurance.fr’ and further down the list the horrifically titled ‘assurance-habitation-moins-chere.com’. If I could be bothered I could easily make a [...]

.com v .co.uk for SEO

Google has put great emphasis on Geo-Location in it’s search rankings, so if you have a business based in the UK, with a UK Postal address, I would suggest buying the .co.uk domain name and making that your main site. I’d also suggest buying the .com domain name as well and maybe building a different [...]

When you have your own private name servers it looks like you are running the hosting company or have your own dedicated hosting. Instead of people seeing your web hosting companies name servers they see your private name servers. I also like this if you have multiple sites in the same niche and are heading [...]

I had this message from my mate Eddie Castellan today.  The information is worth sharing, so I’m answering his questions here: Q. I thought you’d be the man to know this. I constructed Les Malfonctionnaires website using my geriatric Dreamweaver 4. At present, it links to a MySpace with our demo tracks on it. I [...]

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