Google Penalty Mastermind

In a recent video Christoph Cemper from Link Research Tools answered the question: Does disavowing URLs work? The answer in short is yes, but it can take time… Getting your manual penguin penalty lifted is a fantastic thing, but does that mean you get your rankings back? In most cases it does not, however there [...]

Back in April 2012 my main site was hit by the most evil penalty Google has ever dealt, Penguin 1.0. At the time I was devastated, it was a lead generation site where I got paid per lead. It was a seasonal niche where the best month was July and the worst was December. In [...]

I had a message from a guy in Canada, it said, “My client’s site dropped from the 5th page in Google search to nowhere in 1 day.  The site dropped in Google search around Dec 4-6. Google Analytics is not installed. I don’t know what happened and how to find it out. I suspect there [...]

The dreaded manual penalty This is a screen shot of a manual Google Penguin penalty that has been affecting a site since April 2012. This was penguin 1.0. At the moment we have just had Penguin 2.1 and I guess there are many more Penguin updates to come. I have to do a link detox [...]

After having one of my businesses destroyed by Penguin 1.0 in April 2012, I have been trying to get my manual penalty lifted for a long time. The most recent bit of success came this month when I was using the Link Detox Genesis tool by Link Research Tools. Using this on its own wasn’t [...]

The Unnatural Links Warning in Google Webmaster Tools Have you received a warning like this from Google in your Google Webmaster Tools? I know, it’s not nice, it happened to me too and it cut my income by 80% overnight. April 2012 was the worst month ever for me. However I can help, I cannot [...]

What is Google Penguin? I had this message from a very good friend of mine in the UK, This was our conversation, it may be useful to some people. I think what was happening here was that the site had been hit by the Google Penguin slap. This was the worst update ever by [...]