Free Backlink Checker

This is service is unavailable at the moment. However the paid version is available here here for just $5.

There are quite few free backlink checker services out there at the moment, but this one is different. This is not an automated service that just uses the API of Ahrefs or Moz, this is performed manually by Rick Lomas, a Certfied Link Research Tools Xpert using the Link Research Tools Quick Backlinks Tools (QBL).

The QBL will crawl backlink data from up to 24 different backlink sources wich includes the Link Research Tools proprietary database as well as services like Moz and Sistrix.

The Quick Backlinks tool helps you to perform basic analysis quickly for a domain or page. Here you can get essential SEO metrics and charts very quickly.

Here are some FAQs about the Free Backlink Checker service:

Q. Is the Free Backlink Checker really free?

A. To you, yes it is –  if you use the service provided by If you want to use the tool for yourself you will need to pay for a subscription with Link Research Tools.

Q. Will I get the results instantly?

A. At the moment No, but you will get them very quickly – there is some human input needed to prepare your Free Backlink Checker report and email it to you, but it is data worth waiting for.

Q. How many Free Backlink Checker reports can I request?

A. At the moment we are limiting this to one report per day, but if your need is urgent, just contact us and we will see what we can do.

Q. How many links will be in the Free Backlink Checker report?

A. We will show you the 16,000 strongest links

Q. If I have 100s of sitewide links will you show them all?

A. No this is pretty meaningless to show you all these, so we will show you the strongest 5 links and then skip to the next site. Sitewide links no longer have the weight that they used to have.

Q. Will you show links that have been dropped?

A. We check every link fetched in this Free Backlink Checker report. Links that we find that do not exist anymore are still shown in this report, with the Link Status “[LinkNotFound]”. This is useful if you want to find and reactivate dropped links, but can be useless in other cases.

Q. What if I need more data, like Google Indexation status, Title Rank Metric, Dmoz and Wiki Links, Social Votes etc.

A. We will soon launch a new service that uses the Link Research Tools Backlink Profiler (BLP) to give you much more data about your backlinks. This service will not be free, a very small fee will be required to cover the ‘human work’ involved.

Q. How will the data be supplied?

A. We will send an Excel Spreadsheet with all the data plus some pdfs of the charts and graphs that we produce.

Q. This seems too good to be true – is it true?

A. Yes it is true, we require you to be on our mailing list though, but that is not such a bad thing. We won’t try and sell you any third party junk, we’ll just tell you useful SEO strategies and maybe suggest a few things that could help your rankings and traffic.

Q. Do I have to join the Indexicon mailing list?

A. Yes you do, but we promise not to spam you or do anything horrible with your email address. You can unsubscribe at any time.