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banned IPI do have a few sites (about 3 I think) that have never been indexed by Google, so it’s my task to try and sort them out and tell you how I’m going about it.  It seems to be no coincidence that the sites in question are using scraped content which is pretty low quality, but even so, the one I am dealing with today is one about Motorhome Sales UK, which has been live for nearly 3 years now, so there must be another reason.

I have come to the conclusion that maybe it is the actual IP address that is banned. The hosting is pretty cheap and I believe some people have been using their web mail to do some spamming, so this may have caused a problem. So I am going to move it to a new host today.

The site in question is a WordPress blog (just like this), so you need to back up the database and FTP all the files to a local copy, to move the site, having said that, I may just get the blog working first and add the content later, just in case that was what was causing the problem.

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Rick became 'interested' in Google Penalties when Google Penguin 1.0 almost made him homeless in 2012. Since then he has become an expert in fixing Google Algorithmic Penalties and Manual Actions. Rick has cleared hundreds of Google Manual Actions since 2015. He has saved businesses $millions. He has a 100% success rate in penalty removal.

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