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Following on from last night, Jorge asked:

Q: So you need to type in but what about if people don’t know the website name and are searching for close matches e.g Art history courses by Deborah Monteiro?
A: Welcome to the World of SEO! It’s a constant struggle to get ranked in the search engines, do keyword research etc. If it were easy I’d have blogs and sites ranking for ‘car insurance’, ‘life insurance’ and other profitable things. This is a good place to start. You need lots of relevant content for a search engine to spider your site and work out what it’s all about.

Q: So if I change the tagline and title to Art history lectures in cambridge, the blog should show up in google searches?

A: It will help certainly – I’d have something like ‘Art History Lectures in Cambridge’ as the main title and then ‘Art history courses by Deborah Monteiro’ as the tagline (subtitle) – but it would have helped if you had the URL – have a think – it looks like you put canvass in there instead of canvases anyway.

Q: But can we retain Canvases of the Mind as a subtitle and how do I do that?

A: I’d just incorporate it in the logo, you can always build a site later on if it becomes a brand you want to build on. In time Google will form an association with the brand ‘Canvases of the mind’, Deborah and art history, but at the moment it’s all so new that it probably doesn’t know what is going on.

What have we learned today then? Well if you search for this phrase “canvases of the mind” cambridge there is 1 result, which is Jorge’s blog – the goal now is to make it (or another one) rank for art history lectures in cambridge and other related keyphrases..

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