More Newbie WordPress Questions

A few more questions from Jorge who is making a website using blog as a Content Management System:

Q: Would you mind taking a look at the website and tell me how we can re-fit an image to cover the area of the back patterned default image

A: Dashboard>Appearance>Header Image – experiment a bit – you won’t break it.

Q: Also how do we completely have artistic control over how the website looks, I read about CSS, but I don’t really understand it.

A: If you want to become a web designer, then maybe WordPress isn’twordpress themes your platform, but before you jump ship, go to Appearance>Themes and have a look ’round – activate a few and see what you think.  There are currently about 143 different themes and by the time you have customized the header, backgrounds etc. you can pretty much make them your own. That’s even before you ahve started putting images in your posts and pages.  CSS is a way to customize further, but to be honest I don’t bother – the people who have made the themes available are very proud of the job they have done, so why re invent the wheel? The beauty of using WordPress as a content management system (CRM) is that nothing is set in stone, your site can evolve and change over time.

A: And with the testimonials, do we need to credit a person or can we say this is what one person said from a particualr course?

Q: Up to you mate, I’d probably ask them first, to be polite – and don’t put any personal details up there, like email addresses.

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