How to create a ‘Dropped Links’ Slice with Link Detox

Using the dropped links feature of Link Detox is one of my favourite tricks, especially when trying to get rid of a Google manual spam action penalty.

When you run or rerun a Link Detox report you need to select this advanced option down the bottom of the page:


And then when you have your report to play with, create a filter like this:


Note this is using the ‘not similar to’ operator rather than the ‘not equal to’ operator.

After that you can just save your slice:


That’s it! This is the slice you will normally work with, but if you want to show Google the links that are now gone you might want to make yourself another slice that is just the dropped links, in which case just use the ‘similar to’ operator.

Please note that having the dropped links in there can skew some results, so it is also worth making slices for dropped links only and without dropped links.

Meet the Author

Rick Lomas

Rick became 'interested' in Google Penalties when Google Penguin 1.0 almost made him homeless in 2012. Since then he has become an expert in fixing Google Algorithmic Penalties and Manual Actions. Rick has cleared hundreds of Google Manual Actions since 2015. He has saved businesses $millions. He has a 100% success rate in penalty removal.