My friend Jorge who I met in Serre Chevalier, France last year has been making a site using Wordpress as a Content Management System, he had a few questions about it which he asked me about on Facebook, but it’s stuff worth sharing so I thought it would make some good content here on Indexicon. [...]

This site is made by using a self hosted Wordpress installation: you follow these steps: Buy a domain name from a registrar, somewhere like Buy some webhosting from a web host company, somewhere like Download Wordpress from and install by FTP (or Cpanel/Fantastico) Set your nameservers at the registrar to whatever is [...]

An exciting new product feature from Google just launched, and it’s really cool. “Google suggest”, as its name implies, provides suggestions for what queries a user might want, and auto-completes them.  It helps to get to the search results much quicker, especially with longer queries. The feature was first introduced as a Google Lab in [...]

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