I had this message from my mate Eddie Castellan today.  The information is worth sharing, so I’m answering his questions here: Q. I thought you’d be the man to know this. I constructed Les Malfonctionnaires website using my geriatric Dreamweaver 4. At present, it links to a MySpace with our demo tracks on it. I [...]

I made this blog ( just a couple of days ago, but didn’t put any content on it until about an hour ago. meanwhile Google had been along and indexed it. This is quite cool as it wasn’t really linked to from anywhere else – except…..wait for it…..Facebook. So maybe dropping a link to a [...]


Following on from last night, Jorge asked: Q: So you need to type in but what about if people don’t know the website name and are searching for close matches e.g Art history courses by Deborah Monteiro? A: Welcome to the World of SEO! It’s a constant struggle to get ranked in the search [...]

A few more questions from Jorge who is making a website using blog as a Content Management System: Q: Would you mind taking a look at the website and tell me how we can re-fit an image to cover the area of the back patterned default image A: Dashboard>Appearance>Header Image – experiment a bit [...]

Update: Wed March 20th 2013. Since making the video here I think the code for Facebook like boxes has changed quite radically, so I might have to make a new video. Also this site is now using Thesis 2 which is quite different too. I’m going to install one on later on this week [...]

I do have a few sites (about 3 I think) that have never been indexed by Google, so it’s my task to try and sort them out and tell you how I’m going about it.  It seems to be no coincidence that the sites in question are using scraped content which is pretty low quality, [...]

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