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Wordpress LogoThis site is made by using a self hosted WordPress installation: you follow these steps:

  1. Buy a domain name from a registrar, somewhere like GoDaddy.com
  2. Buy some webhosting from a web host company, somewhere like HostGator.com
  3. Download WordPress from WordPress.org and install by FTP (or Cpanel/Fantastico)
  4. Set your nameservers at the registrar to whatever is required by your web host company
  5. Add some content…

Alternatively, you can set up a similar thing for absolutely nothing at WordPress.com – it’s a bit more restricted and they don’t like things like affiliate links or people who use WordPress.com sites to just drive traffic to other sites.

I made some videos about setting up a site using WordPress.com and using the pages rather than posts, to kind make a website for free using WordPress as a CMS (Content Management System), which I will post here sometime this week.

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Rick Lomas
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