Google Penalty Mastermind Launch

After having one of my businesses destroyed by Penguin 1.0 in April 2012, I have been trying to get my manual penalty lifted for a long time. The most recent bit of success came this month when I was using the Link Detox Genesis tool by Link Research Tools. Using this on its own wasn’t enough so I did the LRT Associate training too. So I have now decided to turn my disaster into a positive and become the ‘link clean up guy’! So…

If anybody is interested in using the tools mentioned above, in particular the Link Detox Genesis tool, at a reduced rate, I can help. I am putting a community together. The idea is that from the community, I will help 10 people at a time to get their penalties lifted.

Why 10? This is because LRT are bringing out a new tool next week which will help speed up how quickly Google takes notice of the disavow file. Unfortunately the new tool is only available with the higher level LRT plans, which are quite expensive, so my plan is to split the cost 10 ways. In return I will help 10 people to get their penalties lifted.

I have completed the Link Research Tools Associate Training, but I want to get more experience and some testimonials, so this is the best way I can think of doing it. Membership of the Google Penalty Mastermind is free, but once there are 100 members, the community becomes a private mastermind.

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Rick Lomas
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