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Today sent out this email to their list. I am rather happy about this. Here it is:

In January 2014, Vivint’s search visibility plummeted.
Was it a common penalty or something sinister? Our SEO expert reveals the truth of this controversy.

Enjoy our latest case study about Vivint 

Our Certified LRT Xpert Rick Lomas did a great job uncovering the real story behind the Vivint Google manual penalty.

This is what you will learn about for example

  • Communication history with Matt Cutts
  • Competitor and Market Analysis
  • About Doorway pages, .edu links and other paid link relationships
  • On the way to recovery – dropped links analysis
  • Competitive DTOX analysis of the market

And answers to these questions for example

  • Is Vivint really a competitor to Nest?
  • Was Vivint really violating Google Guidelines?
  • Is Nest violating Google Guidelines at the moment?
  • Was Pando’s Google accusation fair?
  • Did Google take action on Vivint because they were a competitor to Nest?

This and much more on over 67 pages for you in our case study about

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