Link Detox Services

Rick Lomas Certified LRT Xpert is owned by Rick Lomas who is a Certified Link Research Tools Xpert. At the moment there are only a handful of LRT Xperts in The World and here all work using the Link Research Tools software is carried out by Rick. Link Research Tools make the best set of tools available for analysing link data from your website, your competitors web sites and of course all the web sites that link to you.

The Link Research Tools software is not cheap and there is a substantial learning curve if you want to use them to their maximum potential. Rick Lomas offers a ‘done for you’ service so that you can concentrate on your business, without worrying about your web site all the time.

If your income relies on your web site ranking well in Google then you must look after your back link profile. We offer a professional service to keep your web site safe and ranking well. If it is already too late we are here to help.

If your site has been penalised by the Google Penguin filter, you are going to have to make some changes to the links to your site. This involves making some links ‘NoFollow’ rather than ‘DoFollow’, changing the anchor text from ‘money keyphrases’ to ‘brand keyphrases’ or removing them completely. But how on Earth can you do this if you have no control over the sites that are linking to your site? It is a matter of contacting all the webmasters you can and asking them to change their hyperlinks, is this easy – No!

When all else fails you can use the Google Disavow Tool to tell Google that you do not wish to be associated with that site. Disavowing is the easier option, but Google would prefer that you got rid of the link as it helps to ‘clean up the web’.

There are a few detox tools available on the market now, but our favourite of all detox tools is Link Detox by Link Research Tools. As of June 2014, Link Detox and few other tools from the Link Research Tools have been integrated with PitchBox. This allows a more streamlined and efficient way of working when removing Google Penguin penalties with their detox tools.

Here are the services we are currently offering:

Link Detox and Disavow (LDD)

This is for sites with an Algorithmic Google Penalty i.e. there is no manual spam action in Google Webmaster Tools, but the site has dramatically lost it’s rankings in Google. It is also recommended as a precautionary measure for all web sites that have good rankings already.

Link Detox and Disavow with Webmaster Outreach (LDDO)

Since Google would rather your bad backlinks were removed from the web completely this service goes one major step further. As well as disavowing all the bad backlinks we contact all the webmasters who provide email details and ask them to remove the bad links. If they don’t respond we then chase them up with two further follow up emails. Removing bad links is a better option than  just disavowing as rankings are recovered much quicker.

Link Detox, Disavow and Reconsideration Request (LDDRR)

This is for sites that have a manual spam action in Google Webmaster Tools. Manual spam actions can either be partial or sitewide. Manual spam actions are usually accompanied by a serious loss in Google rankings. You will not be able to rank properly again until your manual penalty is removed. This involves some drastic link removal and disavowing and then writing a reconsideration request and submitting it to Google. This can take time and may take multiple attempts before the penalty is revoked. Having a manual spam action is not a good place to be, but the good news is that we have a 100% success rate in removing manual spam action penalties.

Link Detox, Disavow and Reconsideration Request with Webmaster Outreach (LDDRRO)

This is also for sites that have a manual spam action in Google Webmaster Tools. Manual spam actions can either be partial or sitewide. This is the same as Link Detox, Disavow and Reconsideration Request, but where contact details are traceable we will find the email address of the owner or webmaster and ask them for the link to be taken down or made nofollow. If the webmaster is co-operative this is the best outcome and hopefully the link is removed. If the webmaster does not respond, second and third follow up emails are sent. This information will be documented and used as supporting evidence for the Google Reconsideration Request.

Link Detox Maintenance (LDM)

This is for healthy sites that are already ranking. Link Detox Maintenance has two parts to it.  A Link Alert is set up to inform both us and you that new links to your website have been found. If anything highly problematic is seen it can be dealt with straightaway otherwise it will be added to a list to be dealt with at the end of the month. At the end of the month a full Link Detox will be performed and we will deal with any problematic links. We will advise you about links that are going to be problematic. If you cannot remove them yourself they will be added to the disavow file. This is a monthly service with a 3 month minimum period.

Link Detox Maintenance with Link Building (LDMLB)

This is the same as the LDM package, but we will use information about your competitors links to find new link building opportunities. At least 5 high quality links will be added each month which will be evaluated the following month when the Link Detox is performed. For any serious business this is an essential package to keep them safe from any Google penalties.