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12 Steps to Penguin Recovery – FREE Download!

Remove Penguin PenaltySince April 2012 Search Engine Optimizers have been scratching their heads trying to figure out how to get rid of Google Penguin Penalties. Initially most of these were manual spam actions and site owners would file Reconsideration Requests, just to get told that their site still violates Google’s Quality Guidelines. Now we see a lot of sites just disappearing overnight due to a Google Algorithmic Penguin Penalty.

In this short guide we have broken all the stages down into 12 Steps to Penguin Recovery. Just drop your email in the box below and we will send a copy over right away.

This is straight from the Facebook account of Christoph C Cemper, founder of Link Research Tools. Here it goes: great user feedback today;

“I just wanted to let you know that yesterday Google notified us that they have revoked the manual action against us (see below) First I want to say we could not have accomplished this without the use of Link Research Tools. For this we are very grateful for your assistance. I am a real believer in your tools and what they can do and accomplish for internet companies around the world. Please extend my best to Christoph”

Again many thanks !!

If you would like us to remove your Google manual spam action, please get in touch today.



Does this loss of traffic look familiar?


The site in this example has been hit by Google Penguin 2.0 in May 2013 and then got hit again by Google Penguin 2.1 in October 2013. It lost a massive amount of traffic in May, but by the time Penguin 2.1 came along it had lost pretty much all its traffic. Penguin 2.1 was the final nail in the coffin for this site and traffic was virtually zero. [click to continue…]


Getting a Google Penguin Penalty removed is not an easy thing to do, but this is what we can do… [click to continue…]


Here are some questions that needed answering after the Link Detox Genesis webinar last week. I have put them here mainly for my own reference, but they may be useful for anyone considering doing their own Link Detox. [click to continue…]